Results of Symptomatic implants of modified tension band wir
Modified band attachment has become frequent for transverse patella fractures. The study examined the efficacy for cross patella fracture with a non-absorbable suture of the new modified tension strip fixing technique.

The result of a prospective series using a nonabsorbable suture (FiberWire) for transverse patella fractures. The mean follow-up period totaled 12 months were presented. A total of 16 patients were evaluated by radiographic and clinical review. The postoperative clinical evaluation employed Lysholm and Bostman scores.

--All clinical results on follow-up were good to excellent.

--Minimal intra-articular joint stepping and further fracture displacement were recorded.

--No patient needed re-operation, and functional outcomes of the knee were satisfactory.

--No significant differences were found between the injured and contralateral knee range of motion.

--No symptomatic implants and skin complications were noted, and all fractures were completed heal within 15 weeks.

In conclusion, FiberWire offered adequate stability and decreased problems after the surgery. The results have been adequate and the approach is worthwhile because it avoids the need for further reoperation.