Route of spread of mycobactrium to the hip joint in the case
mukul gupta
Route of spread of mycobactrium to the hip joint in the case of tuberculous arthritis with the negative history of cough. And had a family history of infection to mother with pulmonary tuberculosis 2 years back,
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Is there some additional info you would like to add to this post Dr. Mukul?
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My patient is a 15 yr old female presented with on and off fever, pain in right hip joint and difficulty in walking from past 3 years. Fever was not associated with chills and right, night sweats were present and there was evening rise in temp. Pain was invidious in onset progressing nature, thrombing nature. Initially 3 months ago the pt was able to climb stairs, sit cross leg and continued her daily routine with little difficult in walking but presently the patient is restricted to bed and can only walk with support. There was no history of chronic cough, involment of any other joint. Her mother was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis 3 months back and was treated completely. The diagnosis of tubercular arthritis is made. ... Read more
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