SC censures Delhi govt over handling of dead bodies
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Terming the situation as “horrific”, the Supreme Court on 12 June censured the Delhi government over its mismanagement of dead bodies and said that the treatment meted out to the Covid-19 patients was “worse than (that given to) animals”.

• Taking note of media reports highlighting the lack of care given to the bodies, a bench comprising of Justices Ashok Bhushan, S K Kaul and M R Shah said: “The situation in Delhi is horrendous, horrific and pathetic.”

• The bench also referred to other reports and said “patients suffering from coronavirus are running pillar to post to get admission in hospital whereas various beds in government hospitals are laying vacant…”

• The apex court also sought responses from the Centre and different states on its plea taking suo motu (on its own) cognisance on the treatment being meted out to patients and the handling of the bodies.

• The top court also sought the Centre’s reply by June 17 on the steps taken to deal with Covid-19 patients and bodies of infected persons.

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The mismanagement and apathy shown by the responsible authorities is quite unacceptable. In addition to the above wrongdoings,several reports of non payment of salaries to our learned colleagues has also been confirmed. Reports of salaries deducted of our learned colleaugues in Delhi has also been confirmed. I truly believe that IMA JDN,MSAI,AIMSA and AMSA, along with RDAs should involve our colleagues in the judiciary and police and settle the matter with responsible personnel by bringing them forcefully on the table,if not already done so. The rest of the country will be observing the follow up very very closely. As Doctors,we do not wish to,but changing our workplace takes only minutes,so,I believe that the responsible personnel should better negotiate with the grievances,or end up on the wrong side of media,police and courts.... Read more
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