Segmental multiple piloleiomyomas: BJD case report
The present case has been published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

A 28‐year‐old woman presented with a 14‐year history of multiple unilateral segmental red papules and nodules on her right upper chest, right shoulder and upper arm. The lesions were occasionally painful in response to temperature changes and emotions.

She was otherwise healthy without gynaecological or urological symptoms. There was no family history of similar skin lesions. A punch biopsy obtained from the lesions revealed proliferation of smooth muscle bundles arranged in an interlacing configuration in the dermis which confirmed the diagnosis of piloleiomyoma.

Cutaneous piloleiomyomas are rare benign tumours that derive from the arrector pili muscles.

Clinical pearls:-
- Accurate clinical diagnosis is often difficult due to the nonspecific manifestations of the disease.

- Differential diagnoses are mainly other skin disorders with a similar distribution including segmental neurofibromatosis and segmental eccrine spiradenomas.

- Screening of mutations in the fumarate hydratase gene is necessary in patients with syndromic cutaneous leiomyomatoses such as Reed syndrome.