Self-inflicted and iatrogenic peripheral IV cannula fracture
Published in the journal Annals of Medicine and Surgery, the authors present a case of broken peripheral intravenous catheter/cannula (PIVC), a well-known, underreported complication of PIVC placement. The fractured cannula could have resulted in intravascular foreign body retention, which is usually iatrogenic.

In this case, the authors conceded that both iatrogenic and self-infliction were culpable. The intoxicated, aggressive patient forcefully removed the inserted cannula after repeated attempts by medical personnel to place it.

The same cannula was used for multiple attempts. After the location of the fractured catheter was reconfirmed with radiological imaging, venotomy and removal of the foreign body were performed.

Key takeaways:-
Due to potentially devastating consequences, early detection, adherence to standard operating procedures for peripheral venous access, management of aggressive patients, and meticulous teamwork must be upheld.

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