Severity Of Diabetes Tied To Worsening Of Lung cancer
The survival impact of diabetes severity on lung cancer remains unclear. Researchers performed head-to-head propensity score matching to estimate the survival impact of various adapted diabetes complications severity index (aDCSI) scores in patients with both diabetes and lung squamous cell carcinoma (SqCLC). They enrolled patients with both diabetes and lung SqCLC and categorized them into the mild (aDCSI = 0–1) and moderate-to-severe (aDCSI 2) diabetes groups. The patients in both groups were matched at a 1:1 ratio. The matching process yielded a final cohort of 5742 patients with both diabetes and lung SqCLC (2871 patients in the mild diabetes group and 2871 patients in the moderate-to-severe diabetes groups) who were eligible for further analysis. A multivariate Cox regression analysis revealed that the adjusted hazard ratio (aHR; 95% confidence interval) of all-cause death for the mild diabetes group relative to the moderate-to-severe diabetes group was 1.17 (1.08–1.28; p = 0.0005). Severe diabetes (aDCSI 2) is an independent prognostic factor for OS among patients with both diabetes and lung SqCLC who receive standard treatments. Preventing diabetes progression is necessary for patients with diabetes because it not only supports diabetes control but also improves survival for patients with lung SqCLC.