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#shareyourstory #witharavind

Hey inspiring people out there, I am doing an #interview series called "Share your #story with Aravind - everyone has a story to tell" with people from various walks of life who have personally inspired me in my life. It runs from June 11-15, a total of 10 interviews.

Always hearing others stories gives me a lot of #motivation more than just reading stories of great people.

Have fun watching them. If you feel that you too have a story to share with me which can inspire a lot of people, do ping me.

So on the first day, as a first #speaker, we had Prashanth! His entry into Madras Medical College was no conventional ride for all our imagination running wild.

In this episode, we have brainstormed on the importance of participating in various intercollege events, how it helps getting good #publicrelations, why socialising & leadership skills are important in special for a #medico, how we can make ourselves stand at the zenith in a non-medical field and a lot more!! Watch out and have fun folks!

Links and our profiles are in comments!

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A●●●●●d M General Medicine
Why is it essential for a medico to socialise to outshine? - Prashant share your story with Aravind Youtube: https://youtu.be/CkOG\_qmZ\_V8 Facebook:. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story\_fbid=2656283471327639&id=100008380360801
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A●●●●●d M
A●●●●●d M General Medicine
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