Smoking Cannabis is related to Impaired Visual function & Qu
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Cannabis is one of the most commonly abused drugs on the planet. The aim of this research was to look at the effects of cannabis smoking on vision and compare them to how the patient perceives them. A total of 31 cannabis users were included in the study.

A baseline session as well as a session after smoking cannabis were used to test visual function. The researchers looked at static visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, stereoacuity, accommodative reaction, straylight, night vision disturbances (halos), and pupil size.

The participants were also divided into two groups depending on whether they perceived their vision to have worsened after smoking cannabis. A logistic regression analysis was employed to identify which visual test could best predict self-perceived visual effects.

--The study found that smoking cannabis has significant adverse effects on all the visual parameters analyzed.

--Self-perceived visual quality results revealed that about 2/3rds of the sample think that smoking cannabis impairs their vision.

--Contrast sensitivity, specifically for the spatial frequency 18 cpd, was identified as the only visual parameter significantly associated with self-perceived visual quality (Odds Ratio: 1.135).

--Smoking cannabis is associated with negative effects on visual function. Self-perceived visual quality after smoking cannabis could be related to impaired contrast sensitivity.

The findings can contribute to a better understanding of the visual changes associated with cannabis use and their implications for daily tasks, as well as raising consumer awareness of the risks associated with using this drug.