Some Incidents When Doctors Put Humanity Above Their Profess
Whether it’s the doctors, who rushed and worked day and night to treat Nipah Virus patients in Kerala or Lucknow's doctor who treats soldiers for free, their selfless services are an example for generations to come.

Here is a list of a few doctors who selflessly worked and saved lives of the people.

1. Doctor adopts 51 kids on birthday
In March Dr. Shailesh Thaker, an Ahmadabad based doctor adopted 51 street kids. The Ahmedabad-based doctor has pledged to pay for their complete education right from school to their employment. Dr. Thaker told TOI, “Right opposite my residence in Law Garden, a family lives on the streets and comprises of four children apart from adults. I always wondered how they will come up and progress and that’s what inspired me to establish an organization known as ‘Chanydo’ which will help me address the cause.”

2. Three doctors who identified Nipah Virus
On May 17 critical care specialists Dr. AS Anoop Kumar noticed something strange in a patient with symptoms of acute encephalitis. On May 17, critical care specialist Dr. AS Anoop Kumar noticed something strange in the patient, Mohammed Saliah who was admitted with symptoms of acute encephalitis. Dr. AS Anoop discussed it with his two colleagues Dr. Ajith K Gopan and Dr. Ganga Prasad, the trio concluded that they are dealing with an outbreak.

3. A Lucknow doctor treats soldiers for free
Dr. Ajay Chaudhary in Lucknow treats soldiers for free as he thinks that the soldiers have paid his fee by guarding the borders and serving the nation. Speaking to ANI, doctor Ajay Chaudhary said, "This is my way of giving back to the people who work selflessly for the nation. I have been doing this voluntarily."

4. Doctors made tax filling easy for transsexuals
Dr. Sameera Mahamud Jahagirdar, a consultant in critical care medicine at Mahatma Gandhi medical college and research institute in Puducherry, who has changed her official identity from male to transsexual following prescribed legal process, could not link the PAN with Aadhaar as the gender was mentioned as ‘male’ in PAN, but as ‘transgender’ in Aadhaar. Efforts of the doctor result in government making it for all transsexuals across the country file their income tax returns citing the third gender after getting an exemption from the income tax department from linking their PAN with their Aadhaar.

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It' s theirs majesty
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We must remember a doctor from Odisha carried a complicated case of Obstructed labor to Dist.HeadQuarters Hospital along with others and Kerala doctor who carried out the last rites of a patient died due to Nipah virus infection when his own relatives did not come up due to fear of infection.
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Salute to All Dedicated Doctors colleagues who put humanity in forefront and made us all proud. We all must learn from such incidents to contribute to society in whatever way we can.
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