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Dr. joan mana
Spiritual-traditional-healer +27812164979 CANADA,AMERICA,AUSTRALIA Muizenberg,Westerncape,Bluedowns,Kullsriver ?????)(FI cAPETOWN,sangoma-sp
I Am A Traditional Healer, Spell Caster And Psychic Medium. I Could Help You To Connect With The Ancestors , Interpret Dreams, Diagnose Illness Through Divination With Bones, And Help You Heal Both Physical And Spiritual Illness. We Facilitate The Deepening Of Your Relationship To The Spirit World And The Ancestors. Working In Partnership With One's Ancestors Is A Gift Representing A Close Link With The Spirit Realm As A Mediator Between The Worlds.* +27812164979
If You Have Been Disappointed By Other Spell Casters And Healers Who Have Failed To Provide You With The Results They Promised You And You're Stuck With No Option Of Happiness, Its Time You Contact A Gifted Spiritual Healer And Spell Caster Who Will Sort Your Issues.
It’s Never Too Late For Your Problems To Be Solved, It’s Time To Have A Change In Life For The Better And Don't Just Sit Back And Think Your Worst Situation Cannot Be Changed For Better, Its Time You Present Your Problem To A Gifted Spell Caster To Help Understand Your Life And The Way Forward.
I can hear & decipher the hidden meanings and messages sent by the Universe, guiding you on the right path to success, luck, finance & happiness. Am in constant contact with Astral Forces and supernatural. Call/ WhatsApp me on +27812164979 to consult.

TRADITIONAL HEALER SANGOMA PSYCHIC SPELL CASTER SPIRITUAL HEALER AND HERBALIST +27812164979 My traditional healing methods help to remove evil spirits, curses and hexes, solve love problems, return a lover. We can use traditional healing to cleanse your home, banish bad luck & appease the ancestral spirits. I can help you find love and bring back lost love. Powerful traditional medicine, muti and spells with spiritual energy that can heal. I use spiritual herbs, traditional rituals, traditional charms, chumuri ashes, divination to call on harness the universal energies and strong prayers to the ancestral spirits to find out the root causes your life call me now/whatsap +27812164979

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