Stop pressuring the doctors or society will suffer: Experts
Doctors should get an atmosphere where they can practice their job freely. That was the loud and clear message from the speakers coming from different backgrounds to address the concern regarding the doctor-patient relationship in a talk organized by Peace Foundation (Promotion of ethics and continuing education) in association with Indian Medical Assoication, Nagpur, at Chitnavis Centre, on Sunday.

A set of speakers coming from medical, judicial and business backgrounds gave their opinions on the topic, ‘Is society forcing doctors to change.’

President of Peace, Dr. Varun Bhargava in his opening remarks stated that the programme was intended to initiate a dialogue between the medical fraternity and society. It will help highlight the changes in their bond due direct and indirect actions and expectations.

“Cure is not a human ability but care is”, said renowned psychiatrist Dr. Shailesh Pangaonkar while covering the psychosocial aspect. According to him, people must possess faith in their doctors and believe that they will not cause any harm intentionally.

Advocate Wilson Mathew said that doctors are becoming soft targets for the society and often blamed for medical negligence. “770 cases of actual negligence have been registered in Maharashtra because of which the image of more than 7 lakh doctors is being tarnished. One cannot take him to court if he fails to save a life even after putting efforts,” he added.

Commenting on the grave issue of vandalism in hospitals and frequent legal actions against doctors, Mathew said, “If you create a pressuring situation for health care professionals and don't allow them do their job peacefully, it is eventually the society’s loss. This is nothing but judicial terrorism.”

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