STRONG AND UNKNOWN ENEMY COVID -19 Today we live in an era
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Atif Anees
Today we live in an era of very complex situations. And an example of this is infection such as the coronavirus. The virus increasingly spread across the world with a rapid effect on human health. The global objective is to do everything possible for the successful eliminating of this problem for the benefit of all humankind.
In last week of 2019 the world was ready to welcome 2020 and suddenly wahan (center city of china) reported a sever case phenomenon without clear cause and no drug or vaccine was effective it was assumed that the virus came from seafood market in wahan and it was similar to (SARS) & (MARS) As day passes numbers of cases were increasing and most dangerous thing about it was its transmission as it shows high transmission from human to human & suddenly corona carriers doubled there numbers and start spreading like fire in wahan and later all over world So disease was named COVID19 , ON 11 fab 2020 ICTV announced SARS COV-2 official name of COVID19.
Why the name corona to this virus?
the origin of name corona has its roots in Latin, meaning Crown. So, the name corona is just because of its appearance Basically, it belongs to a group of viruses that can infect respiratory tract of mammals and birds and show distinctive appearance under an electronic microscope they look like tiny crowns?.The diseases the viruses can cause ranges of symptoms from common cold to more severe outbreaks like SARS, MERS (dry cough, faver, phenomenon and effect lungs badly) .

From where these diseases are coming ?
no one knows the exactly the origin of such kind of viruses. However, some experts speculate that it is of zoonotic origin (an animal disease that transmitted to humans) the Zoonotic virus are animal's reservoir and this type of disease is also found in poultry firms once in a year called avian influenza.
In case of SARS the virus came from cats and it is assumed the virus Covid 19 is similar as found in bats

How severe COVID-19 is?
COVID19 is very Dangerous in case of transmission Doctor believe it is faster human transmission disease but is mortality rate is low as compared to there virus.
(SARS has 10℅ mortality rate I, e 774 died out of 8000)
(MERS has 35 ℅ mortality rate I, e 851 died out of 2468 )
And COVID 19 has less then 3℅ .
In terms of severity, the present outbreak is not fatal but it is extremely contagious. This is the strength of COVID-19. It spreads very rapidly thus increasing the overall mortality numbers.but if we check mortality rate country wise it is different for countries ,like America and Italy have close 5℅ deth rate while countries like Germany and South Korea have only 1℅ death rate that means mortality rate change over countries .Corona virus is very dangerous at the moment, this is because it is affecting all the countries including the well developed countries. It has been recorded that the disease is causing serious deaths in some countries like America where people die in hundreds on a dailly disease. The most dangerous part of it is that the disease has shut down most of the countries projects and they are not able to operate anymore freely. The doctors have been looking for the cure and they have not found it. The people are very panicking because their is no cure yet the rate at which people die is very high. The disease has also affected the transport system, most of the countries have blocked their boarders and do not allow the immigrants
The world is concerned about implications of novel infectious agent that spread over the world and find a new foothold in different soil .

This is really tough time for World everyone waiting when vaccine Will be come.
Some scientists starts trail for making vaccines and it is believed it will take 6 to 18 month's to complete.
According to reports of daily Mail Oxford scientists start trails on vaccine and will be ready in October. ( rumors are saying it is ready but it will take time)
In general there is no currently vaccine to cure corona virus and right now best vaccine would be to stay at home till we here news from official's and authorities that it is safe for us to go out of home .
Serious viral respiratory illnesses are generally best managed via prevention, which means vaccination, hand washing and limiting interpersonal contact. There are no true cidal antibiotics for these kind of viruses, though there are medications which can shorten the severity and reduce the duration of symptoms…and thus probably save lives if used early enough.
Since there is no vaccine or drug available for Covid19, a person infected with this virus has only few options
Good immunity
Availability of ventilators
Blood plasma treatment
Doctor's so far suggest that on average 80% of people infected with corona do not need any treatment and their body regains immunity against corona with minor symptoms appearing. By which they are cured. Age, health, environment affect a person's immunity, so the remaining 15-20% of those with weak immunity will need treatment and ther person having disease like asthma, Diabetes Will likely effect more.

Corona virus in india
Coronavirus is indeed very dangerous for any country and epically for Developing countries like India & is more prone to be affected by this epedimic. It is because India is very densely populated and the life standard of people is also not so high. In this way if coronavirus starts spreding in high rate in this country then it will be very difficult to control them.Currently, the coronavirus situation in India isn't extremely dire, mainly because of government-enforced lockdown measures and the commission of effective response teams to isolate cases but the kind of medical facility which india has is very low compared with country population. Moreover many developed nations with highly sophisticated medical facilities are suffering, we can clearly understand how dangerous it'll be for india with its poor medical facilities.
India is at stage 2, but recent signs show that they are moving towards stage 3 of community transmission and number of corona hotspots increasing.
From a completely statistical point of view, the Indian healthcare system is under-equipped to fight the virus due to a deficit of ICU beds, ventilators, isolation wards, et cetera.

From a social restriction point of view, I think the country doing is doing quite well. The month-long lockdown was an extremely bold move on the part of the central government. The problem with the coronavirus lies not in its mortality rate, but its extremely infectious nature. The main focus to combat this virus has to stem from social distancing and other measures that stop person-to-person contact. Restricting the movement of 1.3 billion people is no joke, and while there have been a few hiccups, overall, it has been quite effective and next 3to 4 weeks will decided where India will stop

The situation which j&k is currently facing is not up to mark and will become worst stringent if more measure are not taken as soon as possible. Referring to sources, recently news came that the count has climbed up to 480+ coronavirus positive cases.
We ranked very low at the national level in terms of health index compared to dehli, Maharashtra, which has the good medical facilities though facing a huge overburden during the pandemic. In case the situation gets out of control, how will kashmir cope up with the pandemic having limited test kits, limited medical facilities, limited doctors .
Kashmir will be OK if the virus is only sustained in the upper classes but when it spreads to the masses, we are doomed.
‌If we have to overcome this pandemic we have to follow the instructions given by ok the government and obey their orders to fight with the pandemic by being unite staying at home. Government has taken all temporary Necessaries to fight with covid 19 in the state.
I don't know how to properly end this. I hope you're all safe & wish you (and your friends and family) happy Ramadan . Keep Praying for our superheroes ( doctors) and keep helping poor. let's fight with corona staying unite.
Atif anees
Aryans college of pharmacy rujpora chandigarh.
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