Study finds Clinical Outcomes of first metatarsophalangeal f
First metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ) fusion is the most effective technique for the treatment of MTPJ primary arthritis, severe hallux valgus and failure of primary corrective surgery of these conditions. It can be achieved through different techniques. Researchers evaluated the outcomes in a cohort of patients treated with dorsal plate arthrodesis.

30 feet for 28 patients were treated; & the mean follow-up was 35 months. For each foot, radiological and clinical assessment, with the visual analogue scale (VAS) for pain and the Manchester and Oxford Foot questionnaire (MOFQ) were collected. The technique consisted in a cup and cone arthrodesis with the application of a low profile dorsal plate. Patients were allowed for immediate weight bearing.

--Consolidation was achieved in all cases; in 29 cases, radiographic union was recorded within 6 months from surgery, in one case after 9 months.

--Comparison between the preoperative and postoperative of VAS and MOXFQ values showed a statistically significant difference.

--Only one case developed wound dehiscence as complication.

Conclusively, it is believed that cup and cone fusion with dorsal plating is an effective method. Moreover, the stability of the osteosynthesis obtained allows for immediate post-operative weight bearing, making patients able to return soon to their normal life.