Subcutaneous abaloparatide viable option for postmenopausal
Postmenopausal women with osteoporosis treated with subcutaneous abaloparatide for 18 months followed by alendronate for 6 months had improved bone mineral density and a reduced risk for fracture, according to findings from the ACTIVExtend study.

“Many osteoporosis experts have come to the conclusion that for patients who are at high risk for future fractures — either because of a history of prior fracture and/or very low bone density — treatment with bone building medication that stimulates bone growth to improve skeletal mass and structure is the best therapy,” Felicia Cosman, MD, medical director of the Clinical Research Center at Helen Hayes Hospital in Haverstraw, New York, told Endocrine Today. “Subsequent to the course of anabolic therapy, a potent antiresorptive agent should be utilized.”

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