Sun-protective behavior does not affect osteoporotic health,
Avoiding the sun and practicing sun-protective behaviors does not show an association with osteoporotic fractures or reduced bone density, according to a study.

“The use of sunscreen and other sun-protective measures is clinically recommended for risk reduction of melanoma and nonmelanomatous skin cancers and for accelerated skin-aging prevention,” researchers wrote. “Given that the UV irradiation range (approximately 290-320 nm) to induce effective vitamin D photosynthesis is within the photocarcinogenic UV-B spectrum, a potential concern for the use of sunscreens and other sun-protective measures to induce vitamin D deficiency has arisen among both the medical and lay communities.”

A population-based cross-sectional study using data from the 2017-2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) was conducted to evaluate how sun-protective behaviors may be associated with osteoporotic fractures and bone mineral density (BMD).

Sun-protective behaviors were described as staying in the shade, wearing long sleeves and sunscreen use.

Responses from 3,403 adults who completed all three of the sun-protection components of the NHANES dermatology questionnaire were included in the analysis.

Of this group, the prevalence of sun-protective behaviors was 31.6% for staying in the shade, 11.8% for wearing long sleeves, and 26.1% for sunscreen use.

Diminished site-specific and total bone mineral density z scores were measured using a dual X-ray absorptiometry technique.

Multivariate models showed BMD z scores were not associated with sun-protective behaviors. In addition, a reduced prevalence of spine fractures was found in the multivariate model with those who stayed in the shade moderately or frequently.

“Results of this cross-sectional study demonstrated that the continued practice of sun protection is not associated with increased bone-related health complications such as decreased BMD and/or increased osteoporotic fractures,” the authors wrote.

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After all this Study what is the result or messsge for All Medicos & all other peoples . Atleast 15-20 minutes Sunshine is essential for Bones to get Vit D for Calcium Absorption . But Scientists suggest that Vit D from natural Sunstrokes differ in Low temperature Countires like Europe & other western countries & High temperature regions like Asian & Afican countries . Ration of absorption of Vit D from Sun not same all over the world , even white skin absorb in less time than dark skin . For Eg. 10-15 minutes for white skin & 30 to 60 minutes for Dark skin .... Read more
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" Ratio " of getting Vit D from Natural Source ( Sunshine , OR Sun Rays ) , Not Ration it is Ratio , ( correct the word ) .
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