Suspected endogenous endophthalmitis but proven hla associat
The present case has been reported in the Ophthalmology Case Reports. A 33 year gentleman with foot cellulitis was suspected to have endogenous endophthalmitis. On Investigations was found to be a case of HLA B27 panuveitis.

A 33 year gentleman, engineer by occupation, presented with insidious onset painful gradual diminution of vision in his Left eye for 2 days. Patient had history of cellulitis of right foot and was on treatment since one month (broad spectrum oral antibiotics). He had no history of similar complaints before or in other eye. No complaints of pain in the infected foot on presentation On Examination: vision OD- 6/6, OS- PL+ PR accurate.

Slit lamp examination of LE showed AC cells 4+ with exudates in pupillary area and 0.5 mm hypopyon. DT was normal, fundus was hazily seen. LE USG-B scan showed dense vitritis with few vitreous membranes. Examination of Right eye was normal except for few pigments over anterior capsule. Blood investigations showed high ESR (72) with slightly higher TLC count (14,239).

Chest x-ray was normal and Montoux test was negative for tuberculosis. Lower limb examination: no apparent swelling or tenderness. Considering, improved status of cellulitis and picture of right eye, the intravitreal was deferred. Investigating further came up the history of chronic backache for which he was taking anti-inflammatory drugs on and off. Following this history, aqueous tap was planned and HLA profile with x-ray sacroiliac joint was done.

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