Suture granuloma mimicking local recurrence of colon cancer
Foreign body granuloma is a rare surgery-related complication that can masquerade as cancer recurrence during postoperative surveillance. It may therefore deceive clinicians and lead to unnecessary interventions. The case presented herein demonstrates how a foreign body granuloma can be misleading in preoperative radiological studies and why this condition should not be ignored in differential diagnoses during surveillance of patients with a previous history of abdominal surgery of any kind.

A 60-year-old man was followed up after an open right hemicolectomy 2 years earlier for ascending colon carcinoma. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed an infiltrative heterogeneous soft tissue lesion at the right mesenteric root, adjacent to the ileocolic anastomosis. Local recurrence was therefore suspected. The author performed exploratory laparotomy, excised the tumor, and sent it for histopathological examination, which confirmed suture granuloma. Foreign body granuloma is a rare surgery-related complication that should be considered during surveillance following colectomy. Its radiological features may mimic recurrent lesions, thus misleading clinicians and causing unnecessary interventions or further complications.