swelling in the submandibular region with pain on percussion
Swelling in the submandibular region with pain on percussion. no history of smoking and drinking .
Dr. N●●Z G●●L
Dr. N●●Z G●●L Dentistry
Refer to omfs. is that a non scrapable white lesion? picture is not clear.
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Dr. M●●●●v P●●●●●●●l
Dr. M●●●●v P●●●●●●●l Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Check whether pain on salivation to rule out salivary gland stones.
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Dr. A●●●l R●●●●n A●●●●●a
Dr. A●●●l R●●●●n A●●●●●a Dentistry
Plz advice for sialography followed by Omfs appointment in case of sialolithiasis.
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