The Cursed Child
Ayushi Prakash
The Cursed Child
A 15 year old boy called PQR was exiled from his village along with his family. The reason of his banishment was a big bulge on his head. It gave him an unusual appearance, a bitter response at home and a judgemental outlook from the fellow village mates.
The family fled the village. But nevertheless, they looked for some support. They took their boy to local priests and tried every non-medical and superstitious method to cure him.
But, situation remained the same until he came to the Neurosurgery OPD, RIMS, Ranchi.
Here in this centre for treatment, he was given appropriate alleviation for his condition which brought him and his family back to their home.

C/O- A large lump hanging on the left side of the head

O/E- Scalp lump which was soft, non-hard, mobile.

What's the differential diagnosis? Can you figure out his neurological complications? What's your take on this case?
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A●●i S●●●h
A●●i S●●●h General Medicine
Critical case
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Dr. A●●●●●●●●●r R●y
Dr. A●●●●●●●●●r R●y Paediatrics
Doctors, why you are not think about homoeopathic approach? This type of cases cured within 6 to 8 months by using homoeopathic medicines.
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Dr. M●●●●●a S●●●h
Dr. M●●●●●a S●●●h Anaesthesiology
Pls post pre-op CT scan ....
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