The effect of fibrin glue on the postoperative lymphatic lea
Disturbance in the lymphatic drainage during D2 dissection is associated with significant morbidity. This study shows the positive effect of fibrin glue on the reduction of postoperative lymphatic leakage.

A prospective double-blinded randomized clinical trial with forty patients in each study arm was conducted. All patients diagnosed, staged, and became a candidate for D2 dissection based on NCCN 2019 guideline for gastric cancer.

The difference between study groups regarding age, gender, tumor stage was insignificant.

--The median daily drainage volume was 120 ml with the first and the third interquartile being 75 and 210 ml, respectively for the intervention group. The control group had median, the first, and the third interquartile of 350, 290, and 420 ml. The difference between daily drainage volumes was statistically significant.

--The length of hospital stay was significantly different between the two groups. Notably, the intervention group was discharged sooner.

Conclusively, this study showed the possible role of fibrin glue in reducing postoperative lymphatic leakage after gastrectomy and D2 dissection.

BMC Surgery