The medical establishment and the public use the term allerg
Dr. Stephen Rajasekaran
The medical establishment and the public use the term allergy far
too casually. We need an aggressive educational campaign to
address this serious problem. When patients experience adverse
events during procedure we need to have a system in place that
ensures that they are given the correct information (Finucane
2003). Patient education may be the most important preventive
strategy. Patients must be carefully instructed about hidden
allergens, cross-reaction to various allergens, unforeseen risks
during medical procedures and when and how to use self
administered epinephrine. Physician should educate patients about
the risk of future anaphylaxis as well as the benefits of avoidance
measures. (European Anaphylaxis Task Force 1998) .Major risk
factors for recurrence of anaphylaxis include a prior history of
such reaction. Avoidance management should be individualized,
taking into consideration, factors such as age, activity, occupation