The next pandemic
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Anullekha Naidu
The next pandemic
Humans have faced and have been facing huge challenges of nature, they are experiencing many physically effecting diseases, certain diseases like polio left the man kind but the very next dangerous pandemic which is going to defeat human kind is The DEPRESSION, the stress is eating away the human mind making it devoid of peace . The increase in technology , modern gadgets had made life easy but also made human beings addicted to them . According to many surveys nearly 86% of the youth are internet addicts. The future of the world is in the hands of youth . Now the question is how are they going to face ??? The world has become very competitive , this hyper competitiveness is inducing stress in the children which is further leading to depression. Increased peer pressure, fragmentation of relationship, drug addiction are furthermore problems faced by people of these generations. These days people have everything except peace of mind. The desire to strive , the desire to do something impossible is making them restless. On being spoken to many psychologists and psychiatrists they say that all most all persons are suffering and creating  severe depression in their lives due to their own activities. Mind power is very essential than human physical power , lack of mind power deteriorates the physical energy. Chronic depression is a harmful disease than AIDS, it kills a person psychologically. Here comes a situation where we need to be pity on ourselves for deteriorating our peace of mind . Nature is god' s beautiful creation , we destroyed our mother earth with our doings. Now we are in a situation where even mother earth is helpless as we are destroying our selves. There comes a time again in near future where we all realise what we are losing . The conclusion of this article says that mind is the most importing thing, anyways we cannot stop the natural disasters from external environment and newly occurring diseases but we can safe guard ourselves and our mind.
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