this is 12 year old female, having bright red spot, ?ulcerat
Dr. Tasleem Mohammad
This is 12 year old female, having bright red spot, ?ulcerative/ ? hemorrhagic involving hard palate and gradually increasing from past 10 to 12 days. No h/o fever. There is no other significant examination finding. patient feel burning sensation while eating food, even when drinking water. what could be the possible diagnosis and management.
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C●●●●●s S●●●●●●a M●●●●i
C●●●●●s S●●●●●●a M●●●●i General Medicine
I think there may be also esophagial ulcers
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Dr. U●●●v P●●●l
Dr. U●●●v P●●●l Paediatrics
Have we considered the possibility of child abuse here Dr. Tasleem? and blood investigations if any?
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Dr. T●●●s K●●●r P●●l
Dr. T●●●s K●●●r P●●l Internal Medicine
Acute palatopharingitis ?
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