Traumatic displacement of teeth into maxillary sinus: how to
Traumatic displacement of teeth into the maxillary sinus is rare. This report describes a case of 2 molars accidentally displaced into the maxillary sinus and the retrieval of teeth assisted by computer-assisted navigation.

A 16-year-old male patient suffered from maxillofacial trauma with the first and second molars in the left maxilla were missing, and an orificium fistula to the maxillary sinus appeared in the dentition region of molars.

The tomography revealed 2 tooth-like hyperdensity images in the left maxillary sinus. Computer-assisted navigation surgery was scheduled for the retrieval surgery, and the displaced teeth were removed from the maxillary sinus smoothly.
The patient displayed uneventful wound healing without postoperative complications in the maxillary sinus.

Key takeaway:-
Surgeons should be alert to the presence of missing teeth in maxillofacial trauma and avoid missed diagnosis, and computer-assisted navigation is recommended for the retrieval of teeth displaced into the maxillary sinus.

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