Trichoblastoma mimicking basal cell carcinoma and the approa
Trichoblastoma is a benign and rare cutaneous lesion with striking resemblance to basal cell carcinoma. However, the course of the illness varies significantly from basal cell carcinoma. It usually takes a less malicious route and causes minimal harm to the patient,unlike basal cell carcinoma where it can be aggressive and requires additional radiotherapy. Therefore, being able to differentiate them from one another is crucial to properly set a management plan.

This rare benign tumor has posed multiple challenges in the clinical setting as not enough studies were conducted in order to dictate a proper management course. However, the current management approach to the majority of skin lesions relies on the histopathological subtype and surgical excision. Many benign and malignant dermatological entities may mimic basal cell carcinoma, and therefore misdiagnosis can lead to either unnecessary excision or delayed treatment of metastatic disease. It is important to request the proper investigations to ease the process of diagnosis and more importantly, the process of differentiation. Differentiating the two tumors from one another allows for the initiation of proper treatment early resulting in an improved prognosis for both lesions. The gold standard investigation to diagnose and differentiate between them is a surgical biopsy. Trichoblastoma typically has a favorable prognosis with a low incidence of recurrence or progression.