Umbilical cord ulceration: An underdiagnosed entity
Umbilical cord ulceration is a rare condition presenting with sudden fetal bradycardia due to fetal hemorrhage and in most cases leading to intrauterine death. A strong association with intestinal atresia has been reported.

Most cases present after 30 weeks of gestation, with preterm labor or rupture of membranes followed by sudden fetal bradycardia.

Published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynaecology Science, the authors report two such cases of umbilical cord ulceration and review the available literature. One of the cases interestingly presented at 26 weeks, much earlier than what is reported in the world literature.

In view of high perinatal mortality and morbidity, awareness of this condition is mandatory for timely and appropriate management to improve the fetal outcome.

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Sometimes we are at a loss to understand intrapartum fetal loss!! This has opened one more Pandora!! Now cord checking will be taken up!!
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