Unilateral gestational macromastia – a rare disorder
Case Report:
A 27 year old gravida 3 para 2 patient with H/o 8 months amenorrhea was admitted to the surgery department Civil hospital,Ahmedabad with chief complaints of progressive enlargement of left breast for 6 months. Initially patient noticed a small swelling in left breast which increased
gradually to the present size and became painful with complaint of bleeding and discharge from multiple skin ulcers in left breast and a small swelling in right axilla. Nohistory of discharge or bleeding from the nipple, or
fever,vomiting,weight loss, any decrease in size of swelling. No complaint of swelling elsewhere in the body. Last menstrual date 11/1/12 and expected date of delivery 18/10/12. Pastmenstrual history was normal.She had 2
full term normal delivery, last delivery 2 and half years back. She was lactating her child at the time of development of swelling.She stopped lactating after swelling developed. Previous 2 pregnancies were uneventful. Her past and family history were not significant.,,,,