Unusual presentation of Straatsma Syndrome
The following case has been reported in the American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports.

A four-year-old boy presented with severe right eye amblyopia in association with high myopia, esotropia, heterochromia iridum and extensive myelinated retinal fibers involving both temporal arcades and the optic nerve head. Right eye initial visual acuity was less than 20/400 for distance and less than R6W10 for near.

Left eye examination was unremarkable. Despite the indicators for bad prognosis, intensive occlusion therapy was prescribed. Parents were strongly involved in the treatment regimen. After four months, the patient presented an unexpected good visual recovery both for distance and near, that has persisted until present.

Right eye visual acuity is 20/30 with −9.00 dioptres contact lens for distance and R2W1 for near. Esotropia also improved to 12 prism dioptres. Fundoscopic alterations and heterochromia iridum have remained stable. Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography images of the right eye showed thinner superior outer ring measurements.

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