Urachal adenocarcinoma mimicking endometriosis: a case repor
Differentiating urachal adenocarcinoma from primary tumors of the surrounding structures and from metastasis is often difficult. Published in the Radiology Case Reports, the authors here present magnetic resonance (MR) imaging findings for a urachal mucinous adenocarcinoma mimicking scar endometriosis.

A 30-year-old woman complained of a painful palpable mass. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an ill-defined mass approximately 8 cm in diameter with internal microcytic components.

The mass diffusely involved the subcutaneous tissues, the muscles of the pelvic wall, and urinary bladder via a postoperative scar and resembled endometriosis. The histopathologic diagnosis was mucinous adenocarcinoma arisen from the urachal remnant.

This is a very rare case of urachal adenocarcinoma arising mainly in the pelvic wall and mimicking endometriosis on MRI.

Read about the case in detail here: https://pxmd.co/ALPtk