Vanishing bone disease of chest wall and spine with kyphosco
Vanishing bone disease is an extremely rare disorder of unknown etiology characterized by idiopathic osteolysis of bone. We describe a case of vanishing bone disease of chest wall and spine with kyphoscoliosis and neurological deficit.

Case Report :
A 17-year-old male presented with history of gradually progressive deformity in the back since 3 months and weakness in both lower limbs since 3 days. He had no history of trauma, fever, or similar complaints in the family. There was no significant medical/surgical history. On examination, he had dorsal scoliosis with convexity to the right with angular proximal dorsal kyphosis. His chest was flattened on the right side and the 4 th -7 th ribs on the right side were absent on palpation. He had non-ambulatory power in his lower limbs (power around the hip and knee was 2/5 and power around ankle and in toes was 3/5) with spasticity and exaggerated deep tendon reflexes. Hypoesthesia below D7 was noted and bowel bladder sensation was preserved. Plantar response was extensor.

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