Vitamin D preoperatively prior Thyroidectomy reduces the ris
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Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of early onset hypocalcemia after thyroidectomy in vitamin D deficient patients.

Transient hypocalcemia due to parathyroid gland or vessel manipulation is a common complication following thyroidectomy. Considering the role of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in calcium hemostasis, this study published by the American Journal of Medical Sciences aimed to evaluate the effect of preoperative vitamin D supplementation on hypocalcemia incidence in thyroidectomy patients.

In the randomized clinical trial, 100 patients scheduled for total thyroidectomy and suffering from preoperative moderate or severe vitamin D deficiency were enrolled. Patients were randomly allocated to either study or control groups using the sealed envelope method. Patients in the study group received vitamin D3 50,000-unit pearl weekly for 4 weeks prior to the operation. The control group received a placebo. Total and ionized serum calcium levels were checked before surgery, the day after surgery, and 2 weeks postoperatively.

No significant difference was observed in terms of demographic data. During serial total calcium checks (5 episodes), total calcium levels changed significantly in patients who had received vitamin D supplements compared to the control group. Symptomatic hypocalcemia incidence was significantly lower in patients supplemented with 25-hydroxyvitamin. Also, the requirement for intravenous calcium administration in order to treat the hypocalcemia symptoms was significantly lower in the study in comparison to the control group.

So concluded, Vitamin D supplementation in patients with vitamin D deficiency might lead to a lower incidence of early-onset symptomatic hypocalcemia; hence, requiring less calcium supplementation for the management of hypocalcemia.

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