Voice of Indian doctors on Passive Euthanasia Report to MOHF
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On 16th May, 2016, PlexusMD had published an Editorial on the Passive Euthanasia Bill proposed by the MOHFW. Over the last few weeks, we invited the doctor community to share their views on the proposed Bill so that we could share the consolidated doctors' feedback and recommendations to the Ministry and help them draft a stronger and more comprehensive bill.

We received responses from over 900 doctors, from 211 cities across India and across 57 specialties, with an overwhelming 91% doctors showing support for the bill. We also received over 300 recommendations on key aspects of the bill – definition of the terminally ill, emphasis on consent, and constitution of the committee to be formed to consider requests for passive euthanasia, among others.

On 18th June, 2016, we compiled all this valuable insight shared by the doctors into a report which was forwarded to the Ministry. As of the last update, the Ministry has studied the report, and agreed to take several of the suggestions made in the report under consideration, marking an important milestone for us and the medical community at large. Please find the final report here - https://goo.gl/DY2QNx

We thank each and every single one of you involved with this initiative and promise to always be a platform where you can voice your opinion freely and rest ensured it is heard.
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