what if a person is having type 2 diabetes and took metformi
Rutvi Jain
What if a person is having type 2 diabetes and took metformin initially but wasn't much effective then started taking human mixtard insulin 10units 2times a day still he got his HbA1c 11.5 so now what should b adviced to this pateint including food and medications ??
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Dr. R●●●●●m D●s
Dr. R●●●●●m D●s Diabetology
As he left metformin for quite a long time, so now only metformin along with insulin of your choice.....check sugars after 2 wks....if needed, add sulphonylurea.
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Thank you Dr.
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Https://www.plexusmd.com/md/post/who-releases-recommendations-for-mx-of-adults-with-diabetes/40693 : WHO releases recommendations for Mx of adults with diabetes -
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