what is the treatment for this...???
Mohd Noor E Ain
What is the treatment for this...???

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Dr. R●●●●h V●●s
Dr. R●●●●h V●●s General Surgery
It looks like infected scabies infection.Give broad spectrum antibiotics anti-inflammatory and local application of povidone iodine along with antiallergic.Tben apply permethrin cream
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D●●●●●●n p●●●●e
D●●●●●●n p●●●●e Homeopathic Medicine
Tab.clavum625mg tab.acelofenac+paracetamol tab.omiprazoal DSR
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S●●●●●●i S●●●h
S●●●●●●i S●●●h Homeopathic Medicine
Proper case taking should be done. starting the treatment with an antipsoric would help,like sulphur graphites etc.
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