what is this disease???? A 2 months male baby ...since 1 mon
Dr. Hari Chandan
What is this disease????
A 2 months male baby ...since 1 month with patches on the head
,loosing his hair .. the infection is spreading all over the head slowly .
Medication:sertoconazole nitrate.dermadew soap,had prescribed.
Since he is on treatment no monthly vaccination are not given
Advice him appropriate therapy Sir??
Dr. D●●●●●●●a B●●●●●●e
Dr. D●●●●●●●a B●●●●●●e Internal Medicine
Boric powder mixed in coconut oil can be applied on scalp. daily bath with soap on affected areas can help
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Dr. D●●●●h S●●●●a
Dr. D●●●●h S●●●●a General Medicine
Cradle cap ,gentle wash with shampoo ,apply coconut oil soft combing ,if seems fungal then application of clotrimazole oint
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