what will occur if vernix is not cleared off from a New born
Dr. Siddharth Vikram Kande
What will occur if vernix is not cleared off from a New born

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Hello Dr Siddharth Vikram Kanye , so vernix is a greasy white coloured coating covering the babies during their time in womb. WHO recommends leaving the vernix on your baby for at least six hours, and preferably 24. As for an upper limit? There’s no official recommendation. There’s usually no downside to leaving the vernix on baby after he’s born. But there are some exceptions. Babies born with chorioamnionitis or meconium staining need to be bathed right after delivery to reduce the risk of bacterial infection. Babies born to moms who are HIV positive or who have hepatitis should also be bathed ASAP to limit the chances for disease transmission. The vernix caseosa might look a bit off-putting. But it protects your baby while he’s in the womb — and can provide some valuable benefits to both, mother and child during and after delivery. Hope this helps you -Dr Raviraj... Read more
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