why cause of pain abdomen in this 12 year child couldnt be d
Dr. Subodh Kumar
Why cause of pain abdomen in this 12 year child couldnt be diagnosed & treated for last 3 years?
She has for 3 yrs suprapubic pain .non colicky .recurrent.non radiating of increasing severity & frequency for last 3 months resulting in school absentism .she is well growing without any appetite loss.fever .urinary problem.otherwise happy child.has constipation and occassional painful defecation .why inspite of repeated several investigations reason couldnt be detected.where we are lacking to diagnose such simple problem?
Dr. n●●●l .
Dr. n●●●l . Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Full history? Stressors in the family? Any non-organic cause?
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Dr. S●●●●h K●●●r
Dr. S●●●●h K●●●r Paediatrics
It cldnt be diagnosed as 1.most labs has poorly skilled technicians .they cannot see pus in urine & culture yield is very poor frm most labs.sever uti with lot of pus was diagnosed. 2.1st stool sample revealed only ascariasis. On treating above two almost 80 \% pain subsided so got repeated stool with large sample & proper preparation which detected giardiasis & after its rx 100 \% pain andomen subsided. In 2 wks child rejoined school & in few hundreds only got completely cured. So lab & clinical sense of doctors matters a lot & as per condition of child.history & signs to be investigated & reinvestigated & accordingly managed.... Read more
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