why i cannot defecate?
Piyush Agrawal
Why i cannot defecate?
Yes ,this was the question of a patient in a hospital from around 3 months. A patient 40yr/ male comes to opd with problem on urination and defecation. x-ray pelvis , ultrasound remain normal, no effect with prokinetics either. history of similar Rx in private hospital for 2 months. lab values remain normal. Problem so persists that ascending colonostomy is done , and patient is now in debilitating condition . what u think will happen further ? whats ur diagnosis ?
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A●●●●●●●●n S●●●●●●●●n General Medicine
Rectal prolapse probably
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Dr. D●●●●●●●●i D●●●●●●●i General Medicine
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As the pt. is having problem while passing urine and stools so Neurological evaluation should also be taken in consideration
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