why most of the doctors in local clinics prescribe directly
Amruth Ammu
Why most of the doctors in local clinics prescribe directly azithromycin or a 3rd generation cephalosporins for cold,fever,and pain even though the choice of drug is Amox?
Dr. J●●●●●●a M●●●●s
Dr. J●●●●●●a M●●●●s General Medicine
It’s not even Amox the drug of choice. it depends upon the RS findings. Actually “cold” is not a medical term. It’s a layman’s word. So depending upon the condition of the patient, antibiotics are preferred. So answering your Q, antihistamines are “preferred drug of choice”. Eg pheniramine, levocetrizine, desloratidine could be given, along with paracetamol.
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M●●●●h K●●●r
M●●●●h K●●●r General Medicine
For simply cold and fever antibiotic is not advised.. we have to manage such case by oral anti allergic and antihistaminics with pcm.. wait for minimum 10 days before starting antibiotics.. or if patient comes initially with chest finding esp lower airway than antibiotic can be started..
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