World's first Bionic heart charges wirelessly inside patient
Ventricular assist device (VAD), the first mechanical heart pump has been saving countless lives globally since 5 decades.

A 24-year old patient from Kazakhstan, Ismail Turnsunov was implanted with a heart pump a few weeks ago when rushed into the hospital with end-stage heart failure.

But this heart pump is unique from the regular VAD's...

The unique implant installed in the patient's heart requires no wires or charging ports to be connected directly - making it completely wireless for charging.

The wireless charging implant system built by Israeli technology company Leviticus Cardio comprises of the inductive coil, battery, and an internal controller, implanted into the patient's chest. The device can stay powered for roughly 8 hours from a single charge.

The patient can charge his device by putting on a vest with a built-in external device and coil to charge the inner coil using an electromagnetic field. This technology is referred by the company as Transcutaneous energy transfer (TET).

The patient can monitor his VAD and battery with a user watch.

The wireless feature has two major advantages over the mechanical VAD's:

- The device eliminates one of the biggest drawbacks of VADs: carrying an extra pair of batteries and finding a power source.

- Prevents the chance of developing an infection in the exposed hole through which the power cord runs out of the body.

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