Wrist Band That Helps You Keep Covid Away
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It is important to avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, this tends to be difficult through the course of the day. Trying not to touch our face often serves only to remind us how frequently we do touch it.

In order to solve the issue, BU’s assistant professor Dr Renu Choithrani has designed a wrist band which can be worn on wrist of varying size which has provided a subtle reminder not to touch your face. She has got the patent of the design from the government of India.

She said, “When your hand approaches your face too closely, a red light will appear along with a trigger to modify behaviour and to restrict the user from touching the face without washing. The band is capable of identifying the body temperature continuously and in case any unsafe surface is touched it will alert the user to sanitize before touching the food or face. In case fever is identified the emergency contact of the personnel will be alerted so as to keep a safe distance to safeguard against contamination.”

There was a need for strong technology to detect and monitor public health. Early notification on symptoms of the disease is necessary and can be controlled up to some extent from this dreadful disease of Covid-19 and other novel viral influenza and their variants.

“If monitored in an early stage, the infected person can undergo different therapeutic approaches. In order to scan the early symptoms of Covid-19, different techniques have been applied. Use of sensors is considered as one of the best methods. Sensors when combined with asystematic device, it is utilized to detect the chemical compound and further combines with a biological component with a physicochemical detector,” said Dr Choithrani who has the credit of receiving over 70 national and international awards.

About the band design, Dr Choithrani said, “This biosensing system can be included in smart band and nanosensor which can be used to diagnose the Covid-19. Therefore, it is a recent, advanced and useful technique.”