Zydus Announces Prices For Its Covid Drug Virafin Approved B
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Drug Firm Zydus Cadila has set the price of its medicine ‘Virafin' at Rs 11,995 per dose. After the DCGI's approval for use of this medicine in the treatment of moderate cases of Covid-19. 'Virafin,' a single-use medication obtained emergency use clearance from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), the country's apex medicine regulator on April 23.

At a time when India's healthcare system is under immense strain, Zydus claims that the drug will reduce the dependence of Covid-19 patients on oxygen support and improve recovery time. Virafin, also known as Pegylated Interferon alpha-2b, may be given in moderate cases of infection. The viral load, as well as the need for oxygen, will be decreased as a result of using this drug.

In the phase-3 trials, the drug was able to achieve “better clinical improvement in the patients suffering from Covid-19. A higher proportion (91.5 percent) of patients administered the drug were RT-PCR negative by day seven" as it ensures faster viral clearance, read a statement by Zydus. To prevent misuse or ill-use, the medication has been prohibited from distribution to Covid-19 patients without a prescription.

Meanwhile, Zydus Cadila is scheduled to launch its Covid-19 vaccine ‘ZyCoV-D’ shortly after completing Phase-3 clinical trials. ZyCoV-D is a three-dose plasmid-based vaccine that should be available by the end of May or the beginning of July. The three doses would have long-term immunity as well as antibody response that would last longer.

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