Meet the six 2018 Padma Shri awardees in Medicine
The government announced the Padma Awards 2018 yesterday evening which is one of the highest civilian Awards of the country.

This year there are 6 Padma Shri awardees in the field of Medicine out of the total 85 Padma Awards 2018:

* Shri Abhay Bang and Ms. Rani Bang (Maharashtra) - social activists and researchers working in the field of community health

* Shri Yeshi Dhoden (Himachal Pradesh) - a renowned traditional Tibetan Medical doctor and one of the world's foremost living authorities on Tibetan Medicine.

* Ms. Lakshmikutty (Kerala) - popularly known as the grandmother of the jungle

* Shri M R Rajagopal (Kerala) - known as the Medical Messaiah

* Shri Sanduk Ruit (Nepal) - an eye surgeon from Nepal

* Shri Pankaj M Shah (Gujarat) - an oncology specialist

We bring to you a small primer on the "unsung heroes" in Medicine.

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