#ThaiCaveRescue: Exemplary Work of Diving Anesthesiologist,
Lately, you must have heard of an incident which brought the whole world together and praying for the rescue of the football team boys who were stuck in a deep cave in Thailand. But what the people have missed out on is the exemplary work of an anaesthetist in rescuing those boys out of the cave.

It was his rare combination of talents that led Australian doctor Richard Harris, deep into the Tham Luang cave in Thailand. When the Wild Boars football team was located deep inside the cave, after being missing for a week, the Adelaide anaesthetist abandoned his holiday in Thailand and volunteered to help.

He went in to assess the boys' health and stayed with them for three days. It was under his direction that the weakest boys were first led out with the others successfully following in the complex operation. He is believed to have been one of the last rescuers out of the cave.

Dr. Harris was specifically identified by British divers and requested by the "highest levels" of the Thai government to join the rescue, according to the Australian government. The experienced diver and an MBBS doctor, also an underwater photographer, has completed several cave-diving expeditions in Australia, New Zealand, Christmas Island and China.

After the rescue operation to everyone's sorrow his celebration was suddenly cut short by personal tragedy - on Wednesday it emerged that Dr. Harris's father had died shortly after the rescue's finish.

On social media, there has been an outpouring of gratitude directed towards him. Many have called for him to be made Australian of the Year - the nation's highest civic honour - while the government has indicated there will be some formal recognition.

We salute such people who keep service before self.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-44789693
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Dr. VK p●●●●●●r
Dr. VK p●●●●●●r Anaesthesiology
Dr.harris the hero of saving the children n coach deserves many many congratulations for the successful mission accomplished because of his hard work and whole anaesthesia faculty feels proud of him
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Dr. J●●●●●●●●●n G●●●●●●●●●r
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DrHarris you are the rarest of rare in todays world
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Dr. C●●●u M●●●●l
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Selfless brave soul. God bless him and heartfelt condolences for his irreplaceable loss. May his dad' s soul rest in peace knowing about his brave son...
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