Anya Ambardar
Anya Ambardar

Anya Ambardar

Physiology,New Delhi
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For Your Kind Perusal.

My Cerebral Output is listed in 22 Answers under ANSWERS TAB on Quora which you can access via above link .

Let me know your views on my content which relates mostly to Medical Education in India .

Dr. Abhishek Gupta, M.B.B.S.

I shall be sharing more information about myself a
s per the need and my perception of the relevance of said information with regards to goals of this course.

I can be found on

Twitter : @imDorkLord
Instagram : @iamdorklord
YouTube :

If you wish to join my Broadcast List/Educational WhatsApp Group(s), please ping me using WA For Business Link as Listed Under Quora Bio .

Thank You For This Valuable Learning Opportunity .
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